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Subscription  Benefits

  • Safer Neighborhood - The more subscribers we have, the more patrol hours we can fund. Your Subscription = Patrol Hours = Safer Community.

  • Peace of Mind - Going out to town? Our patrol Officer will check on your home while you are away. Subscribers can request welfare checks by visiting the "Vacation Request" page

  • Shorter Response Times - While on patrol, our Officer is the first to respond to a 911 call in our community. This can drastically reduce the normal response time and has led to successful apprehension of criminals.

  • Safer Policing - Our BP WOH Private Security Patrol Officer uses a community-policing approach, getting to know residents and better understanding the neighborhood dynamics and hot spots.

All quarterly subscriptions renew every 90 days. 100% of the proceeds go directly to pay our BP/WOH Private Security Patrol Officer.


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